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Hello, it’s that guest post time of the month again! This time I’m bringing you a review of Knight and Day, a comedy action film first released in 2010. When I think about it, it’s quite strange of me to watch this film. I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise (although he does occasionally do some really great movies) and usually when I see Cameron Diaz I run in the other direction, expecting a whiny female portrayal somewhat similar to Jennifer Aniston. However, I’m really glad I decided to give it a go.

The Plot
June Havens (Cameron Diaz) is walking through the airport intending to head to Boston for her sisters wedding when Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) bumps into her. They exchange pleasantries and go their own way. However as ‘fate’ would have it, they end up on the same plane, which is suspiciously empty. They flirt with each other, and June departs for the rest room to freshen up. Meanwhile Miller is attacked by everyone on board. He skillfully dispatches them and when June returns he calmly tells her he has killed them. She thinks he is joking until he informs her that he must now pop into the cockpit, to work out how to land the plane (having killed the pilot). As the plane swerves dangerously the bodies fall into the isle making June realize he’s serious. Chaos ensues and they make a crash landing. She discovers that Miller is a spy on the run – although she does not know why. As she searches for answers Miller informs her that he has drugged her. She passes out, and he sends her back to her normal life.
However soon after waking up, she finds herself being pursued by persistent officials in suits. Miller comes to her rescue and they go on the run.

The Verdict
To make it clear, this is not a Bourne Identity type of film. I see it as more of a subtle parody of spy films (I’m not sure if this was the aim, or if it’s simply my interpretation of it) but I personally think it worked very well. I know that the film has received mixed reviews from critics and move-goers alike but I suspect that’s because comedy is subjective. I felt that this film was just right. It was funny without going overboard. It was compelling enough to keep you watching, and it was character based enough for you to become invested. I was actually surprised as the film went on that the plot did have a reasonable amount of depth, something I wasn’t expecting for such a lightweight watch.

There was nothing particularly memorable about the cinematography, as there rarely is in this kind of film, but there was certainly nothing bad about it either. The shots are perfectly framed and the scenes are set up well for maximum comedic effect. CGI is also sprinkled throughout to cater to those that love their car chases and big explosions.

The acting was spot on. Tom Cruise’s well timed facial expressions and seriousness juxtaposed with how absolutely insane he looked makes for some funny scenes. Marc Blucas who plays June’s firefighting ex boyfriend does this equally well, rewarding us with some great chuckles. Cameron Diaz also holds her own. Although she is not as comedically gifted, she manages to straddle the fragile line of being a heroine in distress without coming across as utterly pathetic.

To summarize I think this is an entertaining, lightweight film, as long as you recognize it for what it is. I think a lot of people might have gone to the theatre expecting a more Bourne or Salt-esk spy film, but Knight and Day is much more about the comedy than the complex. It’s lightweight, it’s clichéd, but at the end of the day, that’s why it works.

I give this film 4/5

You can check out the trailer below:

– Becky (Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic)


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From Moscow to Dubai and India, Mission: Impossible takes its viewers on a wild ride! I’m a big fan of Tom Cruise, so, naturally, I was looking forward to watching another Mission: Impossible sequel. And I wasn’t the least bit disappointed.

Who would want to miss two hours of this?!

The action kicks off from the very beginning; the “bad guy” obtains codes that can launch Russian nuclear heads/rockets, and the Kremlin in Moscow is bombed and the IMF are framed for it. Consequently, The president launches Operation Ghost Protocol; The IMF is shut down; Ethan and his team, consisting of Agent Dunn, Agent Carter and Brandt- the chief analyst, are left to their own devices. With no plan, no backup and no choice, the team’s mission is to catch the “bad guy”, stop him from destroying the world and clearing their organisation’s name.

First things first, the stunts are amazing! The stunts were breathtaking; everything felt real and terrifying, Ethan climbs the world’s tallest tower (Dubai’s Burj Khalifa) and almost falls… TWICE. The whole movie was action-packed, it kept me on the edge of my seat, waiting for the action to slow down, just for a while, so I could get a toilet break (didn’t happen though,I  had to miss a couple of minutes).


The characters are pretty likable. Simon Pegg was awesome as Benji (Agent Dunn), which I found humorous and a bit awkward. While Jeremy Runner played William Brandt, the IMF’s chief analyst, a smart and slightly cowardly member of Hunt’s team. I liked Paula Patton as agent Jane Carter best as she plays a vital role in the movie and presents a strong female figure. Jane’s need to avenge a colleague’s, and probable love interest, murder seems to keep her going.

Love her dress!

I found the plot to be pretty solid. It involved almost everything from the authorities to hit men (more like woman) that receive payment in diamonds. The only negative comment I can make is that the plot was sort of clichéd; the hero, the villain, his sidekick and the government agent pursuing the wrong guy.

All in all, Mission: Impossible-Ghost Protocol is an action-packed movie that I believe brought the franchise back to life! Don’t miss it!



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