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First, I would like to apologize for my lack of posting lately. The bloody finals have started, so most of my time is spent with textbooks and notebooks.

Second, I would like to draw your attention to a new (awesome!) Nerdfighter project. Hannah Lindgren, a Nerdfighter about to graduate from  Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, has plans of making a documentary film about Nerdfighteria; “A Film to Decrease Worldsuck”.

These are the details from the documentary’s official website:

This documentary is not for personal gain (other than to help me graduate!) I want to make this film as my senior honors thesis, and would then want to share it, and the story of the Nerdfighters, with the world. Setting all of this up is really a sort of campaign to see if we can gather support and catch the attention of Hank and John. Without their support, I’m not sure if we can make this film.

  • Length — 30 to 40 minutes
  • Intended Audience — Nerdfighters and people who should know about Nerdfighters (AKA everyone)
  • Story — Behind-the-scenes look at the culture and history of the Nerdfighters community and movement. A 360-degree view of what Nerdfighting is all about and the impact of this community on the world
  • Style — A hybrid of direct cinema b-roll (see the documentary Monterey Pop) with limited use of tripod attempting to capture the emotions of the fans at the events; simultaneously telling the story of VidCon and/or other Nerdfighter gatherings while telling the whole story of how the Vlogbrothers came about (see the documentary Man on Wire.)
  • Additional — With permission, archival footage of the Vlog Brothers will be included, especially in framing the origin of the movement plus as many video clips as possible from other You Tube vloggers to showcase the movement
  • Sound — As much natural sound as possible but with cleaner interview segments, and with permission we would utilize Hank’s music and any other music from any other YouTube artists that would let us
  • Distribution — Film festivals, my parent’s living room, whoever wants to see it because that’s the point!
  • Timeline — Completed by Spring 2013, because that’s when I need to graduate!

A huge part of what will make this documentary spectacular is YOU, the Nerdfighters. I’m thinking poster and t-shirt design contests… screenings around the country… interviews and testimony about how you became a Nerdfighter… there is no end to the awesome! Let me know how you think the Nerdfighters could get involved at nerdfightersdocumentary@gmail.com

The production teams needs some help raising money for the project. If you’d like to be awesome and help out, you can fund the film here. There are some great perks, including getting your nerdfighter art in the credits.

The structure of the film.

The documentary will feature vlogs of Nerdfighters telling their stories. The more people submit vlogs, the better.  It’s like a big puzzle – we need to get all of these mini stories to tell one big one.

Wondering what you should Vlog about?

Help out, spread the word and DFTBA,


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